Nicolas JAQUET - Ingénieur Agronome - Tradilandes The Jaquet family moved almost 50 years ago to the Grande Lande, a region that was considered the French desert. It was the Emperor Napoleon III who became interested in this area and started developing agriculture and pine forestry. Our farm is located in the heart of Europe's largest Maritime pine forest.
With the development of agricultural techniques, we have contributed to making this country a Garden of Eden where all cultures are possible and with good resources in organic farming. Initially cereals were our main product. In 1990, we began a diversification with two native American medicinal plants: passionflower and witch hazel which are remarkably well adapted to our soil and our climate. Then we started another challenge in 1998: to convert more than half of our production to organic farming. We also produce organic vegetables.
Grow, to feed and care for men has become our vocation. What is more beautiful than the gift of the earth?

Nicolas JAQUET
Manager Tradilandes

Who are we?

Tradilandes the commercial company of a family farm located in the heart of the Landes forest, which produces and sells wholesale medicinal herbs, cereals, oilseed and organic vegetables for the processing industry.

Medicinal plants (Passiflora, Hamamelis) and grains are grown in this region for its privileged environment.

Our goal

Marketing of natural high quality products with the best care for our cultures.

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