Our medicinal plants come exclusively from our own farm, engaged in a quality approach.

Our plants meet the current regulations

• We are equipped:  for the medicinal plants, with a continuous dryer that ensures fast drying and good bacteriological quality because there is no manual handling of the product during drying. Our machines are equipped with metal detectors and removal of foreign body systems: wood, sand...

• We regularly analyzes of pesticide residues.

• Our big bags are antistatic.

• We use only new packaging comply with food standards.

• The buildings are isolated and specific to each plant.

• Our plants are guaranteed in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia.

• Our grains: our strengths are also a very short controlled traceability, a good harvest maturity, with no pre-drying storage, no waiting outside the wet grain, non- GMO warranty.

• We are located in an excellent area for the production of corn and soybeans which allows us to offer high quality goods: grain of good quality, few broken grains, low mycotoxin content.

Organic Certification

We are certified by : Bureau Veritas, FR-BIO-10 for products from organic agriculture.


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